Name Testimony Country
Nacho Ramirez

I am so happy for this organization that I'm sure the Holy Spirt has brought for the benefit of our people... We are pushing for this Biblical Mission to be carried out in our community... it's fantastic! What a great pleasure it is to work in the vineyard of the Lord...

Noriela Villanueva Cueto

The Biblical Mission for Youth and Young Adults came into my life at just the right moment and I am so excited and motivated to carry it out in my parish; because the young people here are so disheartened... Thank you God because your works are great and marvelous... May God pour out blessings on all of you, my dear brothers and sisters.

Gabriel Ramírez Martínez

It's really worth it to study the contents of the Biblical Mission for Youth and Young Adults and to take advantage of the opportunities it brings. Many thanks to the team that created the materials!

Esteban Olmedo Orrego

Happy anniversary! Truly the Biblical Mission for Youth and Young Adults has brought so many gifts and blessings! We want to thank those who created this and many thanks to our dear God who has blessed this work and those who have worked so that it can achieve its goals! We love you all! San Antonio youth ministry here, may God bless you :D with much love ♥

Misioneros de Medalla Milagrosa

Hi! We are so thankful, first of all to God for all we have experienced, and second to all of you because this material has been guided by the Holy Spirit. In every session, the young people who experienced it were able to discover Jesus who seeks us out, calls us forth, and gives us life... We made a few adaptations, but not many, nothing was lost, because we did it all in one weekend. We loved the intensity... and so we go on raising hope among our young people! Peace and love to you in Christ.

Horacio Ezequiel Gonzalez

Hello dear friends, I'm so happy to be able to share a space in which to talk about and work for Love... Two years ago I obtained the BCJ (Biblia Católica para Jóvenes), I am married with two beautiful children. God has placed in my path this place to work for his Kingdom, me and my wife, by giving us opportunities to bring the Word to young people, but for various reasons we have not been able to achieve our goals. We are starting to prepare this Biblical Mission with great love and prayers to God, and we ask now also your prayers so that these beginnings will find open doors... Thanks in advance for your prayers, testimonies, and for all the assistance because the need for Truth and Love is great... We are from the Diocese of Posadas... Misiones - Argentina. My spouse, our children, and I send you our warmest greetings as we begin building the Kingdom of God. We entrust ourselves to the prayers of all who read this message.


Last year I bought the Bible (Biblia Católica para Jóvenes) when some Comboni Missionaries came to our parish promoting various books, including this Bible. When I looked at the Bible I saw the web address and I logged in. Everything was very interesting and I want to talk to the coordinator of altar servers and the youth group in my parish so that we can start the Biblical Mission here.

Irma Delgado

I casually bought the Bible (Biblia Católica para Jóvenes) because I was attracted to the style and layout. I'm a catechist in my parish and the Bible has helped a lot, then I came to this page and I started looking through it. WOW!!! I found a full-fledged program for the evangelization of young people and I love it! Congratulations for your work. I send my greetings and a big hug. May God bless you a thousand times over.

Juan Manuel Guerrero

We are very excited about this Biblical Mission; we have started getting to know the materials with the priests in the parish and our youth group. God is filling us with His Word, which is the motor that drives us forward so that God's Word may come to life in young people. Blessings to all who support and lead this Biblical Mission throughout the continent.


It is great to know that there are so many young people who love God and want to know him and love him. All of us young people in the world should unite in one voice to praise our Lord.