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About us

Who We Are

At the forefront of the New Evangelization, Instituto Fe y Vida is a national non-profit Catholic leadership institute that is widely recognized as the foremost authority in the field of Hispanic youth and young adult ministry in the United States. It is the leading agent in bringing the Bible to young Latinos in the U.S. and the Americas.

What We Do

Our mission is to equip pastoral ministers, young adult leaders, and parents for the New Evangelization of young Latino Catholics, including their personal development, faith formation, and leadership in Church and society. We do so by advancing their human, social, intellectual, and spiritual development through a strong biblical ministry and comprehensive formation grounded in our Catholic tradition.

How We Do It

We provide a variety of programs and services aimed at helping the Church understand, appreciate, and effectively serve Hispanic youth. We equip pastoral ministers, as well as Hispanic young adult leaders and parents, for the faith formation of young Latinos through:

  1. A rigorous leadership formation system with over 20 programs at different levels
  2. Applied socio-religious research
  3. Biblical pastoral ministry
  4. Pastoral publications for ministry with young Latinos
  5. Collaboration and advocacy with U.S. mainstream, Hispanic national, and international organizations

A key part of Fe y Vida’s outreach is La Biblia Católica para Jóvenes, which it published in 2005. This pastoral Bible—the first of its kind produced in Spanish—delivers the word of God alongside insightful commentary and catechesis written specifically to help Hispanic youth and young adults to know the Word of God, pray with it, and live it from the heart.